3 expertises

at your disposal

Commitment and agility of a small structure, listening to and responsive


  • For a new product design,
  • For obsolescence management,
  • For design tuning/retargeting,

managers face difficult technico economical trade offs.

Are you able to ponder all the possible options, filter out marketing stuff, forecast major thresholds?

Are feasibilty studies required?
Which ones?  

The provision of a holistic vision and 30 years of experience in microelectronics and embedded systems are the main comitments from emagine to help you succeed in this first stage.

*Project management in severe environnements


Implementation deserves strong comitments from internal teams.

Why not take a step back, highlight a fresh view through hiring an outlander?

By multiplying knowledges, combining responsibilities, convergence of project should be faster.   

Technological masteries brought to you by emagine:

  • Hardware solutions and related methodologies ASIC, FPGA, SOC, SIP
  • Safety related standards including DO254, « Diffusion Restreinte ».
  • Obsolescence management
  • Internet of things (IoT)

*ARM based SOC


Let switch to mass production.

First and definitely if it has to be forestalled properly.

Then how to select the best partners ?

Which qualification level is required ?

emagine will put at your disposal his knowledge of the industrial chain to control costs, delays, quality of products, from prototypes to samples to mass production.

* Design revival of a mixed SoC

* High performances probe cards for new components

4 good reasons

for choosing emagine



Holistic view and broad experience provide emagine with a capability to propose when meaningful really innovative solutions and help for differenciation.

WORK with the best team

WORK with the best team

emagine can give you access to a network of expert partners and select for you a premium partner or the best price-value contractor for your needs.



Design methodology from emagine targets applications while keeping in mind industrial requirements, and cuts iterations by picking the good solution immediately in its large panel.


To ensure a first time good circuit and a full conformity of the product to the requirements, special focus is made on pre-silicon validation in close partnership with the customer. Such an agile-like method allows early system developments and demonstrations, even prototypes sampling before asic foundry.



emagine pilots towards the optimal technology according to identified constraints :
emagine will suggest integrated circuits only when supported by special requirements or scale factors.

1 collaboration

really productive

comprendre imagine

7 samples

of know how

Codesign of standards circuits

Codesign of standards circuits

With Atmel Grenoble

  • Conceptual design and developpement of the logic core of AT77C104
    (fingerprint sensor with new digital interface and navigation features)
  • Architecture and design of AT77C109
    (single chip USB fingerchip sensor, with embedded processor)
  • Selection of cores, USB modes, fpga prototyping, support to firmware designers


At a prototype startup, how to switch

FROM « There is a bug. It is not possible to program the flash »

TO « apply the programming protocol as detailed p. 45 of the specification, designed to avoid inadvertent writes »

ARM based SOC

ARM based SOC

From raw customer requirements

  • SOC architecture then detailed specifications of key subsystems (flash, cache, dma, power management…)
  • Dynamic project management (frequent specifications releases for main IC and slaves)
  • FPGA prototyping, firmware development support
Design revival of a mixed SoC

Design revival of a mixed SoC

Upgrading Features for a prototype industrialization

  • Understand then transpose schematics based optimized albeit poorly documented operators
  • Implement these operators in an « industrial » evolutive methodology
  • Propose and set up a reliable verification flow and insert industrial test capacities
High performances probe cards

High performances probe cards

For new components

  • Test state of the art level performances
    Exemples : RF / ADC / DAC
  • Stringent requirements for reliability and precision
  • Creativity with pragmatism to reach target within tight delays
Project management

Project management

For severe environnements

  • DO254 standard
  • DR-SF and defense projects
  • ASSP, ASIC et FPGA for automotive, medical, railway, customer/huge volumes (cell phones)…
Low Power SOC Methodology

Low Power SOC Methodology

  • SNUG 2015 reward
  • Architecture and IC specification
  • Tailored to highlight know how and methodology for voltage islands support


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Let speak about your project

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